e-Strategia Pública has developed the following set of products, indicators and indices, all of them tested and applicable to the management and evaluation areas of the public sector.





Blockchain is a layer of protocols on the internet that allows value transfers to be carried out in a secure, irreversible and distributed manner, in other words, IT IS THE WAY to transfer values ​​in SXXI.

It is a new, distributed syntax, with party-to-party trust protocols, which eliminates the need for trusted third parties, be they the State, the financial system or notary offices. It is interoperable by definition, allowing you to solve multiple technological problems in a single change management.

We at e-SP have innovation in our DNA. We were the first company in Brazil to have the mission of supporting and building the reinvention of public policies. Modernization has passed for us and we are committed to building a better and fairer future and world. Therefore, we could not help but be a pioneer in this new wave of innovation.

We are proud to say: we are the Witter Node of Lacchain, the blockchain that comes to revolutionize the public sector in Latin America. It is an IDB-sponsored blockchain, free for the public sector, non-profit and without cryptocurrencies. There’s no reason not to add it. Do you want to know more? Contact us


The best colleges and universities already authenticate their certificates, including Transcripts, Diplomas, Certificates for all their courses and training, in Blockchain.

This eliminates the possibility of fraud, which strengthens the image and brand of the companies and educational entities that use it.

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See what the best colleges and universities are doing to authenticate their courses and training.

Strengthen your brand by issuing your own digital badges to certify your courses, training, skills and abilities.

Create a Blockchain-certified digital badge strategy for your company.

By sharing your TrustCert on social networks, the Certificate strengthens the Mark of the person issuing it, showing also the high digital maturity of the institution.


What data and information does it contain?

Certificate's Image

A differentiated image creates a link with the Institution that issues it. Ours Services include the study of visual communication for the preparation of certificates and diplomas to be issued.​

Certificate's Name

Each certificate must have a name that quickly identifies the classification to which the owner is entitled.

Certificate's Description

It must be prepared strategically as it is used to explain the training, empowerment and course the owner has obtained.


Indicates why the owner received the Certificate. It can contain information ranging from proof of minimum frequency to minimum proof of value.


Allows you to indicate whether the certificate is valid indefinitely or whether it expires at a certain time period. The system automatically manages certificates with specific deadlines.


When clicking on the issuer's logo, the system opens a link to a page of the University, company or Institution, which shows all certificates that are issued by the institution.


With our service you are guaranteed the veracity of the
certificate. Blockchain guarantees authenticity and exclusivity of emblems. We work specifically with Lacchain, Blockchain
led by the IDB Innovation Laboratory – Banco Interamericano
of development. Transactions published on the Blockchain are verified and validated by the users themselves in a simple interface.


Reliable platform to verify qualifications

Fight against corruption and false information

Reliability in staff recruitment, with absolute certainty of the veracity of the training mentioned in the CV.

Protects the reputation of both institutions and users

How can you win a Certificate?



Design a badge with specific criteria to obtain it​



Know the criteria and provide evidence of achievement



Awarded to the winner after evaluation



You can save the badge, select it with other badges and share it digitally (social networks, Clients, etc.)


Brazilian states, the national government in the case of Brazil, and national governments in Latin America have great digital maturity for public purchasing.

Therefore, purchases that could be decentralized, maintaining purchasing power locally, generating a positive spiral of increased income and employment, often end up being centralized because there are no suitable digital tools for this small purchase.

The supplier from the interior of LAC cannot break the entry barriers of the national public procurement market, but can deliver its products or services to the municipal government of which it is part.

Furthermore, there is a huge benefit to buying locally: reducing your carbon footprint.

For this purpose, the World Bank developed a simple tool with high digital maturity, with records on the Blockchain. This radically reduces the high costs of controlling these small purchases and the decentralization and empowerment of communities can occur with high efficiency and security.

We are proud to be part of this project, updating and improving the tool, and bringing it into Lacchain. It is already operating in Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Bahia, in Brazil.

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O Aplicativo roda dentro do ecosistema Lacchain. It is a blockchain formed by different actors and led by the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Lab) for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Offer creation

Modules for different users

Document automation

Monitoring and auditing

Supplier Registration